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Dear Students,

Turkish Aeronautical Association, established upon the wish of the founder of the Republic, Great Leader Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and surviving until now thanks to the efforts and supports of the public is one of the deep-rooted institutions in the country. University of Turkish Aeronautical Association (UTAA) which is one of the best and first expertise universities at aeronautics and astronautics started educational activities in 2011 by aiming at carrying aviation to the level of contemporary civilisation with pride thanks to the support of Turkish Aeronautical Association.

As Ankara Aeronautical Vocational School of Higher Education, that is active under the umbrella of UTAA, our primary aim is to educate and raise the individuals who are innovator and entrepreneur in developing aviation industry, have the ability to self-government and to meet the future demands. The Vocational School of Higher Education has aimed at creating value in aviation industry adopting a world class education and being a strong agent in the industry. Our most important purpose is to enable the graduates to advance to a distinguished position in direct proportion to the education they received in their domains and to play an active role in their careers.
The Vocational School of Higher Education which takes the responsibility of educating the individuals who are open to change and improve, have a grand horizon, have the ability to think freely and critically with the intelligence of contemporary thinking is active in three different programs. The education provided in the three programs has been arranged as student-centred, process oriented, performance-based, motivational learning and quality management oriented. UTAA is the one and only Foundation University that has its own runway and aircraft hangars. Therefore, the students preferring the Department of Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies benefit from the opportunity of on-the-job trainings with the expert lecturers from the industry. The Department of Transportation Technologies is one of the most demanded departments on account of the third airport to be opened. The department raises qualified employees desired by the industry that can work both as ground services agents and as flight attendants. The students to be educated at the Department of Administration and Organisation will graduate with the essential knowledge and skills, and as well-equipped to work in the developing air logistic industry. The primary purpose of us is to carry the Vocational School to the future in other aviation industries as well, by adding new programs and to enable the school to be effective and competent in aviation. We wish profoundly to reach this goal with our dear students.

The Vocational School of Higher Education is gaining ground as one of the best institutions on an international basis thanks to its physical possibilities, academic staff with the sector experience and simulator training, even though it’s not been long since it was first founded. As the Vocational School, we serve the best education to our students with the academic and administrative staff who know the sector requirements well, who have effective communication skills, who catch up with the times, who are idealist and self-sacrificing in education, and who reflect all of these onto education. And we will not give up serving this dream.

As Ankara Aeronautical Vocational School of Higher Education, it is highly believed in that we will play an active role in the change and development of the aviation industry which is one of the most vital sectors in the developing 21st century thanks to our beloved students. While taking firm steps forward, we feel honoured to see you among us!

Kind Regards,

Head of UTAA Ankara Aeronautical Vocational School of Higher Education